Project Leader/Senior Job Captain

HMC Architects designs solutions that work, wow, and withstand. We partner with healthcare, education, and civic clients to design buildings that promote healing, inspire learning, and create vibrant communities. Whether its a hospital, elementary school, student union, or community center, our empowered teams are experts when it comes to delivering successful projects and creating meaningful spaces.
Position: Project Leader
Responsible for managing small projects in all phases. Assist in architectural problem solving. Assist Project Manager in preparing budget and schedules, and in monitoring adherence to work plan. Interact with consultants and agencies. Ability to work with a team on larger projects.
Minimum Requirements:
Education: Architectural degree from an accredited university or equivalent demonstrated proficiency.
Experience: Minimum of five (5) years experience in production and coordination of documents in all phases of architectural practice desired. OSHPD Experience.
Communication and Collaboration
Listen and communicate effectively and professionally.
Asks questions about assignments when unclear.
Has working knowledge and understanding for use of HMC equipment and software.
Coordinate projects with team members and consultants for conflicts and discrepancies.
Assist in development of project marketing interview materials.
May participate in project marketing interview.
Ability to apprise supervisor for status of work.
Display willingness to make decisions; exhibit sound and accurate judgment; support and explain reasoning for decisions; include appropriate people in decision-making process; make timely decisions.
Supervision and Delegation
Ability to professionally communicate both verbally and in writing to give assignments to office support staff, consultants, and vendors.
Ability to delegate assignments to support staff and always be respectful.
Support supervisor in directing and managing assigned staff.
May supervise and manage one to two staff.
Be proficient with HMCs documentation and office practice systems.
Ability to correspond effectively with consultants for cad files and minor directives.
Write meeting minutes, instruction bulletins, change orders, RFI responses, and professional correspondence for self-managed projects.
Business Development
Attend professional activities outside of office.
Always be professional and respectful in interactions with clients and consultants.
Assist in preparation for interviews and proposals.
Have complete knowledge and follows HMC procedures, standards, and protocols.
Demonstrate motivation in seeking new responsibilities and challenges.
Set goals, prioritize, and plan work activities for self-management and use time efficiently.
Estimate hours for assigned tasks and finish tasks within agreed-upon budget hours for the task.
Assist in preparation of work plans, schedules and budgets for small projects.
Meet with their personnel to discuss the evaluations.
Manage small projects, budgets, staffing and coordinate billing.
Participate in office design charettes.
Support design team and ensure that the design intent is followed through all phases.
Proficient in the documentation of project design in CAD such as three-dimensional modeling, product, or material research.
Interact with lead designer to solve project issues, and integrate design intent with project document development through all phases.
Demonstrate CAD competency in advance commands of editing requirements, drawings set up for any type of project, management and use of all CAD files and resolution of any related CAD issues on HMC CAD platform.
Possess knowledge of drawing setup, layers, plotting/publishing, dimensions, blocks, attributes, purge/audit/recover, and back up files and viewports.
Understand technical terminology of the architectural and construction industry.
Prepare complex plans, elevations, and details under guidance of supervisor.
Understand requirements/deliverables of all phases.
Organize and generate set of working drawings, and fulfill requirements/deliverables of SD, DD, and CD phases.
Coordinate with government agencies, utility companies and obtain plan check approvals.
Help select appropriate materials, systems and develop all construction details and systems.
Assist in preparation of outline specs (purple sheets), and editing and coordination of master specs.
Demonstrate thorough knowledge of the applicable building codes for independent code analysis and compliance.
Coordinate and participate in cost estimating.
Review submittals, shop drawings, respond to RFI's, and prepare instruction bulletins for changes.
Have working knowledge and follows HMC procedures, standards, and protocols.

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